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$P3NGUIN: The deflationary yield-generating UnRuggable SmartDeFi 2.0 reflection token with Charity use cases & more. Re-launched in 2022, SpacePenguin is a serious yet fun approach to helping save our planet & the lives of its inhabitants. Secure a spot in our colony! BUY NOW!

Active Donation Recipient:
21B P3NGUIN + .046 BNB so far!
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SmartDeFi 2.0 = UnRuggable + 100% Asset-Backed
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The SpacePenguin Strikes Back To Boldly Go Where No Penguin Has Gone Before

Once upon a time, SpacePenguin colonies lived in the Antarctic, but conditions on Earth made survival very hard for them. They put on their space suits and jumped into their rocket ships to find new habitats, and to discover new solutions to save their own home planet.

$P3NGUIN distributes 2% of every transaction among all holders (including a SpacePenguin Wallet, part of which is designated towards our charitable donations)*, and another 1% of each transaction to our "Real Asset Backing" function. Finally, an additional 1% of each transaction is burned into our SmartDeFi 2.0 liquidity pool forever.

*Note that the SpacePenguin Wallet will be locked in a "Smart Contract Faucet". This means that the initial supply cannot be removed, and only the reflections earned can be utilized for project-related purposes such as marketing, development, burning, giveaways, support, and charity donations.

SpacePenguin will help Preserve our Planet and Save Life on Earth!

Holder Distribution
Asset Backing
L.P. Tax

Eliminate Rug-Pulls: Token liquidity is held securely inside the token's own contract, and is inaccessible, making it impossible to rug-pull.

100% Asset-Backed: The token is backed by its base asset, providing it with an ever-increasing intrinsic baseline value.

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Est. UnDiluted MarketCap
Circulating Supply * Token Price

Approximate token price: New SmartDefi 2.0 Contract Coming Soon!

Circulating Supply
Tokens Currently Available

Launched with an initial supply of 1 000 000 000 000 000

Tokens Burned
Removed From Circulation

Remaining tokens for future burns: New SmartDefi 2.0 Contract Coming Soon!

SpacePenguin Wallet
Reflections Are Used For Project & Donations

Wallet: New SmartDefi 2.0 Contract Coming Soon!
Locked in a smart contract faucet. Only reflections earned can be used.
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Important notes:

  • You can connect a wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP-20), such as MetaMask. You should already have the BSC Network set up in your wallet.
  • After connecting your wallet, make sure the BSC Network is selected.
  • You need to have BNB (BEP-20) cryptocurrency available to swap & pay for gas.
  • Please click here to view how to "Use MetaMask For Binance Smart Chain."
  • If you still need help buying, join our Telegram group for assistance.
Contract Address:
Please be patient as implementation on the new SmartDefi 2.0 contract is coming soon!


SpacePenguin $P3NGUIN is a deflationary SmartDeFi 2.0 reflection token that generates yield in a frictionless manner and donates to community-selected charities.

Charity Donations

The SpacePenguin Wallet tokens are locked in a smart contract faucet, and only incoming reflections are utilized for project-related purposes such as marketing, development, burning, giveaways, support, and most importantly, Charity Donations.

Current Donation Beneficiery

"Cool Earth exists because right now, the world is in a climate crisis. The most effective way to fight back is to protect the best carbon-storing technology that already exists: rainforest."

Donation Archives

  • Status: ACTIVE ★
  • Start: March 2022
  • End: TBD
  • Funds: 21B P3NGUIN + .046 BNB
Beneficiery #2 [open]
  • Status: QUEUED ⚬
  • Start: TBD
  • End: TBD
  • Funds: 0 $P3NGUIN
Beneficiery #3 [open]
  • Status: QUEUED ⚬
  • Start: TBD
  • End: TBD
  • Funds: 0 $P3NGUIN

Merch Shop

Collect all of the SpacePenguins and be the cool-as-ice penguin on the block. And you'll be helping us help others too! Half the proceeds go to charity, and the other half are burned into our SmartDeFi 2.0 liquidity pool forever.

Gather up these P3NGUIN designs... fun for all ages! And there's something for everyone... even your pets!
★ Astro-Penguinaut ★ Rocketeer ★ Love & Peace ★
★ I am One with Sushi ★ Space Station Chef ★ Pizza Lover ★ The Helm ★

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