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The deflationary climate change killer, We’re glad to have you secure a seat in our igloo. Launched Apr-12-2021! Space penguin is a serious yet fun approach to solving the worlds climate change issues.

Once upon a time, SpacePenguin lived in the antarctic but global warming made it impossible for him to stay there any longer. He put on his space suit and jumped in his rocket ship to find new habitable cold planets. $SpacePenguin burns 3% of every transaction and distributes another 3% to holders. 0.1% of every transaction is sent to, a charity that works to halt global warming by combatting deforestation.

Initial supply

1 000 000 000 000 000
Burned at start
50 %
Distribution fee
3 %
Burn fee
3 %
Going to
0.1 %
Contract Address:
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$SpacePenguin is a deflationary token which generates yield in a frictionless manner and donates a small part of every transaction directly to a charity.